Dear Mr Lockhart,

I was interested to hear your account of your Kintail experience as descibed in TAC57. I should like to decribe my own event, which [while] not of the exact similarity of your own, has mystified me since.
This occurred on 12/5/96. I was alone, climbing Beinn nan Aighenan (Sheet 50 O.S.) 149405 G.R. from Coileter to the north.
The weather was settled, dry, a slight haze with reasonable all round visibility, cloud base well above the tops and no flying activity.
I reached the summit around late morning, there was little wind and I was seated probably for about 5 minutes, when I heard what may be best described as a cracking noise, similar to a sheet of tarpaulin being flapped to dislodge any loose objects. This came from an easterly direction and quite close-by. This was repeated about 5 times. I thought someone might be camping nearby. I got up and walked about 100 metres east but could see no sign of life 2 legged or 4 legged. Returning to the summit, the sound was repeated 2-3 times. The nature of the sound did not resemble rock fall or localised wind turbulence. I left the summit after about 15 minutes returning by the way I had come.
While descending to the bealach (GR 144415) I was aware of several more loud cracking reports seemingly coming from the summit. I could see no sign of movement.
I had climbed the hill on two previous occasions in winter conditions, once from the way described, and from the east, both times in company. I do not recall any similar experience on those occasions.
On this last occasion I did not meet anyone until reaching the Glen Etive Road.
I hope this account is of interest to your study.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Webster