From: "Pasco Ray"
To: xx@xx
Subject: fao dougie lockhart: strange sounds...
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 09:56:16 +0100

stumbled across your site.
Re strange sounds, have you come across the "Barisal Guns" - strange sounds in India, discussed in a book by RT Gould, but also websites - Google will find them.
My own experience was less dramatic, but also puzzling. In June 1967, aged 18 I was camping on my own in Glen Sligachan, Skye, near the Dubh lochans. I awoke early one morning, broad daylight, hearing a buzzing noise moving around the rectangular outside perimeter of my tent. After a while I got out to investigate and stood at the head of my tent. The noise continued to move steadily around my tent, passing right in front of me, but nothing was to be seen. After a while I decided that whatever it was could not hurt me, and retired to my sleeping bag, putting my knife outside the tent to prove to myself that I had not been dreaming when I woke up again.
I remain baffled - like you!
Best wishes
Pasco Ray